Can a Test and Tag Service Save You Money?

You may not think that the electrical equipment in your office needs to be formally checked all that often. You do, however, have a responsibility as an employer to ensure that this equipment is safe and fit to use. The easiest way to do this is to run test and tag checks on the equipment at regular intervals. While you can train someone to do this, it's better to bring in a qualified electrician. Read More 

Why Fire Wardens Need to Understand Human Behaviour

When you ask for volunteers for fire warden training, you might be hoping that your more practical employees will step up to the role. After all, if there is a fire in your building, you need wardens who can take control of the situation and take all necessary steps to manage the situation quickly and efficiently. However, it's also important that your fire wardens have good communication and people skills. As part of their training, they learn how to deal with the way people behave in an emergency. Read More 

Automated Skip Bins: How Technology Can Help With Garbage Sorting in Commercial Dumpsters

As useful as skip bins are for managing commercial waste, many companies struggle when it comes to correctly sorting this waste. Simply dumping garbage into a skip without proper sorting can cause many different complications. For example, you may end up mixing recyclables with non-recyclables, incorrectly dumping hazardous items, or using the wrong size skip bin (thus incurring higher costs). The good news is that technology can help make this sorting process easier. Read More