Can a Test and Tag Service Save You Money?

You may not think that the electrical equipment in your office needs to be formally checked all that often. You do, however, have a responsibility as an employer to ensure that this equipment is safe and fit to use.

The easiest way to do this is to run test and tag checks on the equipment at regular intervals. While you can train someone to do this, it's better to bring in a qualified electrician. This service costs you money; however, it may save you more than you spend. How does this work?

Reduce Replacement Costs

If you don't test electrical equipment to make sure that it is working safely, then eventually it will stop working. You'll need to replace the item. If you have regular test and tag checks, then an electrician checks your equipment over for you. They make sure that it is safe and working correctly. As part of this process, your electrician will note down any problems and faults and tell you about them.

If you spot an issue early, then you might be able to fix it. For example, a loose wire on a kettle or microwave in your kitchen is an easy fix, but if you leave it, the appliance could short out and stop working. A repair may well be cheaper than the cost of a replacement.

Reduce Insurance Headaches

If you have a faulty electrical item in your office, then it might not just stop working; it could cause a fire or give someone an electric shock. If you have to make an insurance claim, your insurer may be loath to pay out if they can prove that the item was faulty and you didn't maintain it sufficiently. Plus, you'll have to cover excess costs even if you get a pay-out. Your premiums are also likely to go up after a claim.

If you run regular test and tag checks, then your equipment is safer and less likely to cause a problem. Plus, your insurance company might even give you a discount if you can prove that you have regular checks to reduce risk in the workplace.

Reduce Workplace Accident Claims

If one of your employees is injured or has an accident because of a faulty electrical item in your office, then you won't simply have to pay for their time off work while they recover. They could also sue you if they can prove that you didn't maintain the equipment to safety standards. If you test and tag, this is less likely to happen.

If you think your equipment is due for a check, call in your electrician for a test and tag service.