The Do’s of Efficient Rubbish Removal

As Australia's population grows, the amount of waste produced increases in tandem, leading to high demand for professional rubbish removal services. Fortunately, the local government and the private sector have come together to ensure that residents enjoy high-quality rubbish removal services. Although public and private rubbish removal firms play a significant role, households also contribute to effective waste management. Therefore, making the process difficult for rubbish removal companies ultimately lowers the quality of services you receive. This article highlights the dos of efficient rubbish removal.

Do Check Rubbish Removal Days and Times 

Rubbish removal services work on a strict schedule; hence, delays can affect waste collection throughout the day. Therefore, households must check the rubbish collection schedule of a service provider. Unfortunately, some homeowners get used to a routine and fail to notice when a service provider changes rubbish collection days. For instance, rubbish removal companies often change their collection schedules as the festive season approaches to accommodate increased demand. Therefore, households unaware of the changes stand a high risk of their garbage not being collected. Accordingly, always confirm rubbish collection days and times to avoid inconveniences in service provision.

Do Take Waste Bin Out the Night Before

Most households prefer to take waste bins out for collection in the morning. However, it is easy to forget to do so, especially when you wake up too early or late. Therefore, it is advisable to take out a waste bin the night before since it eliminates the chances of forgetting. Even if rubbish removal services arrive very early in the morning, you do not have to interrupt your sleep to push a waste bin before they drive by. However, you must remember to close a waste bin tight if you plan to leave it out overnight. Most importantly, it prevents vermin from littering your driveway with rubbish.

Do Make Your Waste Bin Visible

When rubbish removal services approach your driveway, they usually honk to announce their arrival. However, if a service provider does not see your waste bin on the driveway, they proceed to the next household. Therefore, it is essential to place your waste bin strategically so that it is visible from the street. For example, avoid putting waste bins behind trees, against a similarly coloured wall or siding, or behind your car in the driveway. The idea is to make it easy for rubbish removal staffers to find and empty a waste bin.